Bring benefits to the community!

About us

SAMAN PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY LIMITED is a strategic partner of the Institute of Indigenous Medicine of Vietnam

Motto: Bring benefits to the community.

Vision: By 2030, to become one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of distributing health care products / improving the quality of community life from Vietnamese indigenous medical knowledge combined with modern science and technology.

Building a positive and professional working environment, with a team of highly qualified, dynamic and creative human resources.


Always consider customer satisfaction as the focus to think and act; listen - understand what customers need and difficult to say;


Always be the first. Thinking differently, pioneering actions to create products in narrow fields that are not/yet/very few people provide;


Continually learning, innovating to perfect, improve work efficiency, meet customer needs;


Creating real quality products is the most long-term development;


Appreciate credibility to colleagues, customers, partners;


Effective products; comfort and peace of mind of customers when using products and care services are the decisive factors for the survival of SAMAN PHARMA.